Industrial Development Authority of Southern Provincial Council.


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Our Vision:

To Become a Strong Leading Center in Industrial Development Sector In the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Our Mission:

To Ensure the Efficient and Public Friendly Service to the SMEs in the Southern Province by coordinating with other agencies in the industry to provide the necessary resources in order to utilize the resources of the province to make a significant contribution to the national economy. Compilation, empowerment, facilitation CIMA.


Establishment of Industrial Development Authority

The Industrial Development Authority of the Southern Provincial Council was established under the Industrial Development Authority Act No. 01 of 2002 and it was published in the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1582/19 of 31 December 2008 as the Industrial Development Authority Charter.

Functions of the Authority.

# Establishment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) run by the state and private entrepreneurs as the regulatory body for the Southern Province Industry,
# Research on Sustainability, Innovation and Innovative Training Increase the contribution of the industrial sector to national production To act as a partner in the economic development of the country in general.
# Taking action to establish industrial societies for the industrialists in the Southern Province.
# Conducting joint ventures with various state enterprises and private sector in the Southern Province for the betterment of industrialists.
# To train industrialists and unemployed youths in the subject of industry and to help them to start and maintain industries.
# To set up an Invention Forum and to uplift inventors in the province. (Filling the money for the Preaton License)
# Providing assistance to start vocational training centers to start up industries.
# Held Hybrid Traffic Training Courses, Gear System and EFI Traffic Weekends.
# Implementation of proposals in the field of industry at Divisional Secretariat level with the approval of the Board of Directors.
# Receiving MPs' grants and releasing them to the proposed personnel and conducting follow up action.
# Implementing programs under other grants related to the subject of industry.
# Implementation of projects and programs approved by the Planning Division under Provincial Specific & Criteria Based Development Grants.

Projects Implemented by Southern Provincial Industrial Development Authority.

01. Implementing technical training programs.
Training programs for unemployed persons selected from Divisional Secretariat Divisions of the Southern Province are implemented under this program. Accordingly, beauty training, food technology training, footwear training and batik training are conducted annually. A valuable certificate will be awarded to the trainees who successfully complete the training courses.

02. Incentives for Industrial Entrepreneurs
The main objective of this program is to encourage small and medium scale entrepreneurs in their industry. The Industrial Development Authority will contribute 50% to the maximum of Rs. 100,000.00 to purchase the machinery required to make the business a success. Further details can be obtained from the Development Authority.

03. Inventor Incentive Project
The project will reimburse the registration fee paid by the inventors of the Southern Province for registration of the invention by the National Intellectual Property Office.

Services provided to the people

• Provide technical training.
(Under this program, the selected trainees in Galle, Matara and Hambantota Districts will be trained at the Divisional Secretariat level to provide beauty, footwear and food technology training).
• Encourage Southern Inventors.
(Under this, inventors reimburse the amount paid to the National Intellectual Property Bureau as patent license fees).
• Organizing capacity building workshops for industrialists in the Southern Province and establishing industrial societies.
• Industrial Entrepreneurship Building Project.

Service Centers

Udalamaththa Multi-Purpose Service Center
Udalamaththa Multi-Purpose Service Center

A small-scale garment factory has been opened at the Udalamaththa Multi-Purpose Service Center, with eight women working there and accepting orders from the public and private sector. All garment sewing is done at this garment factory and T-shirt sewing orders are accepted from both the public and private sectors.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

Udalamaththa Outside Training Center.
Udalamaththa Outside Training Center.

There is a great opportunity to conduct personality training workshops, leadership training workshops and entrepreneurship workshops while enjoying the most beautiful and beautiful environment in the Udalamatta area. Visitors to this center can enjoy modern lecture halls, an attractive environment, open spaces for group activities, accommodation with or without food, and maximum security.

Inquiries for Orders : Phone
(+94)091- 2226296

Metiyagoda Red Clay
Metiyagoda Red Clay Finishing Center

The clay products are manufactured at the Metiyagoda Red Clay Finishing Center and the products are sent to the market.
All types of clay products are manufactured at this center. That is, the machine produces earthen lamps, gas pots, and tile manufacturing (terracotta). In addition, all types of clay based products are manufactured in this center.

Inquiries for Orders
Phone (+94) 091-2226296

Bogahapelessa Resort Center
Bogahapelessa Holiday Bungalow & Hela Bojun Shop

The Bogahapelessa Resort Center has opened a Hela Bodunjaya where local travelers can avail themselves of the affordable accommodation. Located in Kavantissapura, Tissamaharama in Hambantota District, it serves as a resting place for pilgrims visiting Kataragama. There is also a Hela Eatery in front of the center which sells local food.

Inquiries for Accommodation: Phone (+94) 70-5257662

Comfortable rooms available for pilgrims to Kataragama Sacred Area.
Delicious snacks.
Delicious dishes by Hela Eater.
Efficient service.
Sanitary facilities.
Tissa - Kataragama main road facing Kataragama 7km away.

Room No. Non A/C Room Fees(Rs) A/C Room Fees(Rs) Max. Number of occupied persons
A 750 LKR - 4
B 750 LKR - 4
C 1500 LKR 2500 LKR 5
D 1500 LKR 2500 LKR 5
E 1500 LKR 2500 LKR 5
F 1500 LKR 2500 LKR 5
G (Hall) 4000 LKR - 10
Bag Factory - Ruwinigama
Bag Factory - Ruwinigama.

A Bag Factory has been opened in Ruwinigama. A Bag Factory has been set up at this center and orders for the production of Bags are accepted by the Public and Private Sectors. The center also produces handbags, school bags and travel bags.

Inquiries for Orders : Phone
(+94)091- 2226296

Ridiyagama Fish Farming Center
Ridiyagama Fish Farming Center.

Located in Liyangastota, Ambalantota, the Ridiyagama fish production unit has 11 ponds, which will be expanded with fish, fingerlings and tanks. In the center, fresh water fish tilapi is processed and distributed to vendors for sale.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

Bentota Folk Art Center
Bentota Folk Art Center.

Nine permanent buildings of this center have been given on lease to industrialists. In the meantime, various industries such as fish box manufacturers, ornamental flower growers and other industrialists have leased the buildings. The center also has a Ruhunu Wiskam sales center and the sales outlet at Meetiyagoda Center encourages local craftsmen to sell clay products, handicrafts, blacksmith products, sewing products and various other products.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

Denipitiya Center
Denipitiya Center.

The center is spread over an acre of land and consists of three buildings. The center has been set up with the objective of introducing various training programs and investment promotion opportunities.
The other two buildings have been given to a brush bundle manufacturer and a burner gel manufacturer, subject to a government assessment tax. Another building is to be constructed in 2019 and is to be used for marketing purposes.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

Talunna Center
Talunna Center.

This center was commissioned by the Department of Animal Production on 01.08.19 201 for the benefit of us. At the moment, the Midwest has been farmed and cows are being raised. A poultry farm is to be established in the center.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

Ruhunu Viskam Marketing Piyasa
Head Office - Ruhunu Viskam Marketing Piyasa.

The Ruhunu Viskam Piyasa Piyasa Piyasaya was opened in December 2018 at the head office of the Industrial Development Authority headquarters in order to create a market for the products of the Industrialists scattered throughout the Southern Province. Local marketers are encouraged to sell clay products, handicrafts, blacksmithing products, sewing products and various other products at the Meetiyagoda Center. The Fisheries Ministry is also in the process of accepting the required fish box product orders.

Inquiries for Orders:
Phone (+94)91-2226296

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Hon. Chairman (SPIDA)
Secretary Of the Ministry
Mr.Suneth Nilanga Hendawitharana
49 E, Katugoda, Matara Road, Galle.
Phone: +9491-2226296
General Manager (SPIDA)
Secretary Of the Ministry
Mr.Jayasinghe Arachchige Saman
49 E, Katugoda, Matara Road, Galle.
Phone: +94-719459855
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